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Formula sheets for ELG3125

Continuous-time and discrete-time signals.  Mathematical descriptions of systems.  Properties of systems.  Convolution and impulse response of continuous and discrete-time linear time invariant (LTI) systems.  Fourier series of periodic continuous and discrete time signals.  Decomposition and approximation of signals by sums of orthogonal functions.  The Fourier transform of continuous and discrete time signals.  Frequency response of systems.  Frequency selective filtering.  First and second order systems.  Sampling and interpolation of continuous time signals.  LTI system analysis with Laplace transforms.

    A. V. Oppenheim, A. S. Willsky
    Signals & Systems, 2nd Ed.

LEC 1 Tuesday 11:30 - 12:50 ONLINE Jianping Yao
LEC 2 Friday 13:00 - 14:20 ONLINE Jianping Yao
LAB A01 Tuesday 16:00 - 17:20 ONLINE Maryam Tavakol
LAB A02 Wednesday 17:30 - 18:50 ONLINE Maryam Tavakol
LAB A03 Monday 17:30 - 18:50 ONLINE Maryam Tavakol
Tut A04 Thursday 11:30 - 12:50 ONLINE Hitham Jleed
Tut A05 Thursday 11:30 - 12:50 ONLINE Hitham Jleed

Midterm: October 24, Saturday, from 9:30 to 11:00. The materials of the first three chapters will be covered.

Marking Scheme
Labs 15% (three quizzes, each 5%)
Quizzes 10% (ten quizzes)
Midterm 25%
Final 50%

Office Hours
Jianping Yao, Thursdays, 10:30-11:30 AM
TA1 (Tutorial), Hitham Jleed, hjlee103@uottawa.ca
TA2 (Labs), Maryam Tavakol, Elahi mtava020@uottawa.ca

TA2 (Labs), LECTURE NOTES: (Note: equations may not be displayed correctly using Chrome PDF viewer)
Chapter 1 Signal and Systems
Chapter 2 Linear Time-Invariant Systems        Convolution demo1, Convolution demo2, Convolution demo3
Chapter 3 Fourier Series Representation of Period Signals
Chapter 4 The Continuous-Time Fourier Transform
Frequency-resposne       Response of a 2nd-order LTI system       Bode plot
Chapter 5 The Discrete-Time Fourier Transform
Chapter 6 Sampling
Laplace transform    Laplace transform properties

Lab1: Introduction to Matlab   
Lab2: Presentation   

Assignment 1              Soltution 1
Assignment 2              Soltution 2      Soltution 2 (more)
Assignment 3              Soltution 3
Assignment 4              Soltution 4
Assignment 5              Soltution 5
Assignment 6 (1)              Soltution 6 (1)
Assignment 6 (2)              Soltution 6 (2)
Assignment 7              Soltution 7
Assignment 8              Soltution 8
Assignment 9              Soltution 9

Midterm Winter 2002 Soltution
Final Winter 2002 Soltution
Midterm Fall 2002 Soltution
Final Fall 2002 Soltution
Midterm Fall 2003
Final Fall 2003
Midterm Fall 2004
Final Fall 2004
Midterm Fall 2005
Final Fall 2005
Midterm Fall 2007
Final Fall 2007

Fourier Series Online Demo 1
Fourier Series Demo 2
Fourier Series Demo 3
Convolution Demo - Discrete-Time Signal
Convolution Demo - Continuous-Time Signal

Tutorial Bonnie Heck online
Tutorial Carlson

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