Bernard Stepien, University of Ottawa

Bernard Stepien

M.A. (Economics)
School of Information Technology and Engineering
University of Ottawa

Research Fellow


Bernard Stepien passed away on March 14th 2021. He was fighting prostate cancer. We are thankful for everything he has brought to the software development and testing community. He is survived by his wife Claudine, son Thomas and grandaughter Isabelle.



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(Available in MS-Word, B. Stepien T. Ware. "Feature and PDF)

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Research Topics

Access Control Management - Policy conflict detection

Testing and Test Control Notation(TTCN-2 and TTCN-3)

Transportation Science

Eclipse Test & Performance Tools Platform Project

LOTOS Graphic Animation (MSC generation, virtual terminal modelling)

PerfTTCN (Real Time TTCN for performance testing)

GPRS (Global Packet Radio Service) specification

Feature interactions detection in telephone systems

Backward Reasonning in LOTOS

LOTOS Specifications styles - Status Oriented Style

Specifying Telephony applications using LOTOS

LOTOS Tutorial with PC DOS animation

Visualization of the execution of LOTOS specification

ODP Object description language

Abstract Data Types

Abstract Data Types Extentions Tool pao2ao
Abstract Data Types Editor Tool


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