Jazz Projects

Accordeon Conspiracy

Christmas carols - Albert Ayler, a Christmas Fusion

The Frank Schubert/Bernard Stepien free jazz projects, Berlin

A Piano Less Monk Merrier Christmas

Piano Less Monk - the full exploration of the music of Thelonious Monk

Anissegos/Schubert/Stepien free jazz trio, Berlin

A Monk Wedding, Berlin

the Klunk Project - breaking the separation of rythm and melody

Breaths ! - the birth of a note

Ra Material - Sun Ra Arkestra Projekt

The Cecil Taylor Workshop

Jamming in Philadelphia

Under stress ? here is a solution !

At the Vernon Isaac memorial Jam-Session

a complete and accurate description of jazz musicians

Jazz links

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knitting factory, NYC USA
village Vanguard, NYC USA
Sweet Basil, NYC USA
Blue Note, NYC USA
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Iridium, NYC USA
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