Eric Dubois: Research team, present and past


Academic Genealogy

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Note to prospective students

I am not accepting any new students, and I cannot reply to requests for supervision or other information.

Current team

Roy Chih Chung Wang (王治中) (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Alumni (uOttawa)

Postdoctoral Fellows, Research Associates and Visiting Scientists

Marcus Beermann (Postdoctoral fellow) 2007. Co Owner and Vision Algorithm Expert at pixolus GmbH.

Mark Fiala (Postdoctoral researcher), 2005, co-supervised with Gerhard Roth. Edmonton, Alberta.

Pengwei Hao (Visiting Scientist) 2008. Lecturer, Department of Computer Science, Queen Mary, University of London, London, England.

John Håkon Husøy (Visiting Professor) 2002-2003. Professor and Sub Dean, Research, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway.

Gwanggil Jeon, Ph.D., Hanyang University, Korea (Postdoctoral Fellow) Computational intelligence based approaches for the consumer electronics industry. Government of Canada Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2009-2010).

Jin Heon Kim (Visiting Scientist) 2006-2007. Professor, Dept. of Computer Engineering, Seokyeong University, Seoul, Korea.

Daniel Wojtaszek (Postdoctoral fellow), 2009, co-supervised with Robert Laganière and Jochen Lang.

Mingqiang Yang (Visiting Scientist) 2014-2015, Associate Professor, Shandong University, Jinan, Shandong, China.

Yan Zhao (Visiting Scientist) 2013-2014, Professor, Jilin University, Chanchung, China.

Ph.D. students

Ahmad Al-Kabbany (PhD) Graphical Methods for Image Compositing and Completion. Completed August 2016. Postdoctoral research fellow, University of Ottawa.

Hussein Aly (PhD) Regularized image up-sampling. Completed March 2004. Associate Professor, Military Technical College, Ministry of Defense, Egypt.

Alan Brunton (PhD) Multi-Scale Methods for Omnidirectional Stereo with Application to Real-Time Virtual Walkthroughs, co-supervised with Jochen Lang. Completed November 2012. Researcher at Fraunhofer IGD, Frankfurt, Germany.

Luis Gurrieri (PhD) The omnidirectional acquisition of stereoscopic images of dynamic scenes. Completed April 2014.

Xiaodong Huang (PhD) 3D Modeling Based on Disparity Estimation for Image-Based Virtual Environments. Completed May 2008. Image Processing Engineer, Magor Corp., Ottawa, Ontario.

Kehua Jiang (PhD) Cubic-panorama image dataset compression for image-based virtual environment navigation. Completed February 2009. Professor, School of Information Engineering, Communication University of China, Beijing.

Sumit Nath (PhD) Wavelet-based Scalable Coding of Still and Time-varying Stereoscopic Imagery. Completed June 2004. Scientist at GE Global Research, Bangalore, India.

Mina Rafi Nazari (PhD) Denoising and demosaicking of color images. Completed January 2017.

Houman Rastgar (PhD) Robust Self-Calibration and Fundamental Matrix Estimation in 3D Computer Vision , co-supervised with Liang Zhang. Completed September 2013.

Saeed Salehi (PhD) Cubic-panorama image dataset analysis for storage and transmission.

Xiaoyong Sun (PhD) Scene Representation and View Synthesis in Image-Based Rendering. Completed December 2007. Senior member of scientific staff, Mtekvision Canada, Ottawa, Ontario.

Roy Chih Chung Wang (王治中) (PhD) Adaptive Kernel Functions and Optimization Over a Space of Rank-One Decompositions. Completed December 2017. Postdoctoral fellow, University of Ottawa.

Chunxiao (Vicki) Zhang (PhD) Virtual View Synthesis Based on Multiple Neighboring Cubic Panoramas, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Beihang University), Beijing, China. Visited VIVA lab Sept. 2008-June 2010. Co-supervised with Prof. Yan Zhao, Beihang University. Completed November 2011.

Master's students

Alan Brunton (MCS), co-supervised with Gerhard Roth and Chang Shu. A Bayesian framework for panoramic imaging of complex scenes. Completed Dec. 2006. PhD candidate, SITE.

Patrick Dano (MASc) Joint compression and restoration of document images with bleed-through distortion. Completed June 2003. With CIBC, Toronto.

Mustafa Fanaswala (MASc, Carleton) Regularized Super-resolution of Multi-View Images, co-supervised with Richard Dansereau. Completed August 2009. Ph.D. Candidate, University of British Columbia.

Vincent Guillopé (MASc) Conditional entropy-constrained vector quantization of chromatic information in document images. Completed June 2002. With Solucom, Paris.

Xiaodong Huang (MASc) Image coding for transmission over wireless CDMA channels. Completed June 2002. With Magor.

Hong Liu (Master's in Systems Science, cosupervised with Lowell Winger) Rate-distortion optimization of H.263 video encoder. Completed Dec. 2001. Research Engineer, Communications Research Centre, Ottawa.

Anita Pathak (Master's in System Science) Restoration of documents with show-through distortion. Completed Feb. 2000.

Jeremy Ranger (MASc) Adaptive image magnification using edge-directed and statistical methods. Completed June 2004. Joined Ciena Communications.

Feng Shi (MASc), co-supervised with Robert Laganière. Panorama interpolation for image-based navigation. Complete March 2008. Now PhD candidate, Discover Lab, SITE.

Shabnam Sodagari (MASc) Variable Block-Size Disparity Estimation in Stereoscopic Imagery. Completed March 2003.

Xiaoyong Sun (MASc) Image-based rendering techniques for application in virtual environments. Completed July 2002. Now with Mtekvision, Ottawa, Ontario.

Vu Minh Tran (MASc) New methods for rendering of anaglyph stereoscopic images on CRT displays and photo-quality inkjet printers. OGS scholar. Completed December 2005. Now with Wind River Systems, Ottawa, Ontario.

Christopher Warrington (MASc) Markerless augmented reality for panoramic sequences. Co-supervised with Gerhard Roth. NSERC scholar, Strategic Areas of Development scholar. Completed July 2007. Now with Magnum Semiconductor, Kitchener, Ontario.

Kris Woodbeck (MCS), On Neural Processing in the Ventral and Dorsal Visual Pathways using the Programmable Graphics Processing. Co-supervised with Gerhard Roth. Completed June 2007. University of Ottawa Innovator of the Year Award, Nov. 2007. NSERC Innovation Challenge Award (third prize), Sept. 2008. President, Incogna Inc., Ottawa, ON.

Xiang Zheng (MASc) Optimization of Sampling Structure Conversion Methods for Color Mosaic Displays. Completed June 2014.

Undergraduate students and trainees

Julien Fleuret (trainee, Université de Strasbourg, France) 2011. Sampling structure conversion for subpixel display structures.

Maria Urlea (USRA) 2010. Analysis of demosaicking algorithms

Brian Leung (USRA) 2008. Optimization of Bayer demosaicking algorithms

Visual Communications Group, INRS Telecommunications, 1995

INRS Viscom Group 1995

Front: Janusz Konrad, Eric Dubois, Nadia Baaziz, Thibault de Villedary

Back: Bertrand Lacotte, Mohamed Ben Slima, Albert Golembiowski, Sonia Aïssa, Stéphane Coulombe, Viet Nam Dang Il Sung Lee, Anthony Mancini

Alumni (INRS-Telecom and McGill)

Postdoctoral Fellows, Research Associates and Assistants, and Visiting Scientists

Nadia Baaziz (Postdoc, and Research Associate) 1992-1995. Professeure,Université du Québec en Outaouais, Département d'Informatique et d'Ingénierie.

Masoud Khansari (Postdoc) 1993-1994. Chief Technology Officer, Vidanti Inc, Cambridge, England.

Abdol-Reza Mansouri (Research Engineer) 1996-2002. Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario.

Cecilia Moloney (Research Associate) 1989-1990. Professor and NSERC/Petro-Canada Chair for Women in Science and Engineering (Atlantic Region), Memorial University, St. John's, Newfoundland.

Ph.D. students

Sonia Aïssa (McGill) Robust image transmission over wireless CDMA channels using combined error-resilient source coding and channel error contro. Completed Aug. 1998. Professeure, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique - Énergie, Matériaux et Télécommunications (INRS-EMT), Université du Québec, Montréal.

Aishy Amer (INRS) Object and event extraction for video processing and representation in on-line video applications, co-supervised with Amar Mitiche. Completed Dec. 2001. Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Concordia University, Montreal.

Stéphane Coulombe (INRS) Transmultiplexage multidimensionnel à reconstruction parfaite et son application aux systèmes de télévision améliorés. Completed July 1996. Professeur, Département de génie logiciel et des T.I., École de technologie supérieure, Montréal.

Majid Foodeei (McGill) Entropy-constrained recursive vector quantization and application to image sequence coding. Completed May 1996. Director, Technical/Strategic Marketing at Centillium Communications, Paris, France.

Albert Golembiowski (INRS) Three-dimensional non-separable motion-tuned subband analysis for time-varying images. Completed March 1997. Senior Software Engineer/Digital Artist, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Los Angeles CA.

Janusz Konrad (McGill) Bayesian estimation of motion fields from image sequences. Completed June 1989 (McGill University). Fellow IEEE. Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Boston University, Boston MA.

Daniel Lauzon (INRS) Optimisation débit-distorsion d’un encodeur vidéo par une représentation flexible du mouvement. Completed May 2002. Vice President Technology and Chief Technology Officer, Sologlobe.

R. O'Shaughnessey (McGill)Motion-compensated predictive coding of image sequences: analysis and evaluation. Completed May 1985. Industrial Technology Advisor, National Research Council of Canada, Montreal QC.

Carlos Vazquez (INRS) Reconstruction d'images à partir d'échantillons irrégulièrement espacés, co-supervised with Janusz Konrad. Completed Feb. 2003. Associate Professor, École de technologie supérieure, Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Master's Students

Sonia Aïssa (INRS) Codage d'images fixes par prédiction adaptative par blocs. Completed Sept. 1992. Professeur, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique - Énergie, Matériaux et Télécommunications (INRS-EMT), Université du Québec, Montréal.

Claude Bergeron (INRS) Estimation par blocs de mouvement: formulation probabiliste et application à l'interpolation temporelle de séquences vidéo. Completed April 1989. Vice President Technology and CTO, Datacom Wireless.

Eric Coll (McGill) Motion compensated interpolation for television standards conversion. Completed May 1986. Director, Teracom Training Institute, Champlain NY.

Rémi Depommier (INRS) Estimation du mouvement considérant les phenomènes d'occlusion pour le codage interpolatif des séquences d'images. Completed Dec. 1990. President, Setrix Inc., Princeton NJ.

Kingston Duffie (McGill) A method of omni-font character recognition using dynamic contour warping. Completed March 1988. Founder and Chief Technology Officer, The Fanfare Group, Mountain View CA.

Jamal Fadli (INRS) Quantification vectorielle et codage de l'information chromatique dans les images couleur. Completed June 1998.

Elie M. Fakhouri (McGill) Variable block-size motion estimation. Completed Aug. 1997. Investment Advisor at Beacon Securities Limited, Ottawa ON.

Pierre Faubert (INRS) Optimisation conjointe du pré-filtre et du post-filtre pour la décimation et l'interpolation des signaux numériques multidimensionnels. Completed Dec. 1984. Integrated Project Team Leader, Nortel, Montreal QC.

Louis Fortier (INRS) Quantification vectorielle du signal vidéo monochrome. Completed July 1984. Development and IT director, CRIM, Montreal.

Albert Golembiowski (McGill) Minimum mean square error prediction of composite NTSC video signals. Completed Aug. 1981. Senior Software Engineer/Digital Artist, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Los Angeles CA.

Gilles Houle (INRS) Reproduction d'images couleur pour appareils graphiques. Completed May 1985. Owner and CTO, Kappa Image LLC, Oakland CA.

Marc Juillet (INRS) Estimation du mouvement par blocs de grandeur variable. Completed Jan. 1993. Nortel, Ottawa ON.

Il-Sung Lee (McGill) Traffic shaping for variable-bit-rate MPEG-2 video. Completed Aug. 1997. Senior Program Manager, Microsoft, Seattle, WA.

Louis-Georges Lefebvre (INRS) Interpolation temporelle avec compensation du mouvement utilisant une classification fréquentielle. Completed Oct. 1986 .

Denis Lemay (INRS) Interpolation temporelle avec compensation du mouvement. Completed May 1985. Nortel Networks, St-Laurent QC.

Francis Lortie (INRS) Conception de quantificateurs vectoriels avec distorsion au niveau du seuil de visibilité des erreurs. Completed Dec. 1985. Technical Specialist at CAE, Montréal.

Alessandro Malutta (INRS) Signaux NTSC codés P.C.M. pour l'affichage de lignes minces en noir et en couleurs. Completed Sept. 1979. Quality Management System and R&D Tax Credits Specialist at Qualiscience.

Marwan Matta (McGill) Spatiotemporal interpolation for sampling grid conversion with application to scalable video coding. Completed Nov. 1994. Senior Business Development Manager at Alcatel-Lucent, Nuremberg, Germany.

Jean-Luc Moncet (INRS) Etude de méthodes de codage par transformée adaptées à la transmission progressive des images. Completed Sept. 1983. Vice President, Remote Sensing Division, Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc, Lexington MA.

Philippe Monet (INRS) Codage pyramidal des images avec quantification adaptative par blocs. Completed August 1988. Director Consulting Services, CGI, Montreal QC.

Annie Thanhvan Nguyen (INRS) L'interpolation et la conversion de structure d'échantillonnage des images entrelacées en mouvement. Completed March 1992. Cingular, Seattle, WA.

Hung Quoc Nguyen (INRS) Représentation des champs de déplacement pour le codage numérique des séquences vidéo. Completed June 1989. Owner of La Belle Thailandaise, Montreal, the best Thai restaurant in the Plateau Mont-Royal.

Richard O'Shaughnessey, Quantization noise shaping in predictive video coders. Completed March 1980. Industrial Technology Advisor, National Research Council of Canada, Montreal QC.

Jean-Yves Ouellet (INRS) Analyse et traitement tridimensionnel du signal vidéo NTSC. Completed April 1980. Computer Networking Consultant, Ottawa ON.

Raymond Paquin (INRS) Estimation du champ de déplacement dans les séquences d'images télévisées. Completed July 1981.

Denis Potvin (INRS) Réduction de bruit dans les séquences de télévision. Completed May 1982. CTO, International Institute of Telecommunications (IIT)-Research, Montreal QC.

Yacine Rahmouni (McGill) Design of subjectively adapted quantizers for two and three dimensional transform coding of image sequences. Completed Nov. 1986.

Nicolas Saint-Arnaud (INRS) Transmission de la télévision à haute définition en modulation à spectre étalé. Completed March 1995. Co-supervised with William F. Schreiber of MIT. Partner at Amalgama, LLC.