Course Notes

CSI 5174  -  Validation Methods for Distributed Systems

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Ottawa, Fall 2015

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Note: This page will evolve as the course proceeds. I will indicate here details about the reading material which covers the course content and also provide some references to supplementary readings (not part of the course content, indicated by << ... >>). In addition, I may provide some newly written course notes for certain parts of the course. Most Powerpoint slides are located here, and some articles from the general literature here.

In order to indicate which part of the course notes and the pointers to other material provided are essential for this course, I have tried to annotate all references by the following colored marks (if the mark is at the beginning of a paragraph or at the title of a document, then it applies to the whole paragraph or document, respectively):

Prerequisites (please review this if you are not familiar with these concepts)

Course content

1. Introduction: the software development process, behavioral modeling and validation methods (1 week)

2. Behavior modeling using states and transitions: Labelled transition systems (LTS) (1 week)

3. Comparing specifications (1 week)

4. Behavior modeling using Input-Output Automata (IOA) (1 week)

5. Behavior modeling using communicationg finite state machines (C-FMS) (2 week)

6. More powerful specification languages and verification tools (1 week)

7. Deriving protocols for communication services and distributed workflow applications (1 week)

8. Testing of component-based systems (1 week)

9. Test architectures for distributed testing (1 week)

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