CSI5387 Winter 2014

Theme Papers

       Big Data Analysis


  Paper1: KDD2013: TurboGraph: A Fast Parallel Graph Engine Handling Billion-scale Graphs in a Single, Wook-Shin Han; Sangyeon Lee; Kyungyeol Park; Jeong-Hoon Lee; Min-Soo Kim; Jinha Kim; and Hwanjo Yu


  Paper2: ICDM2013: Efficient Visualization of Large-scale Data Tables through Reordering and Entropy Minimization, Nemanja Djuric, and Slobodan Vucetic


  Paper3: ICML2013: Large-Scale Learning with Less RAM via Randomization,
Daniel Golovin; D. Sculley; Brendan McMahan; Michael Young



       Multi-Label Data Classification


  Paper4: KDD13: Multi-Label Classification by Mining Label and Instance Correlations from Heterogeneous Information Networks, Xiangnan Kong, Bokai Cao and Philip S. Yu


  Paper5: ECML2013: Probabilistic Clustering for Hierarchical Multi-Label Classification of Protein Functions, Rodrigo C. Barros, Ricardo Cerri, Alex A. Freitas, Andr C. P. L. F. de Carvalho


  Paper 6: ICML2013: Efficient Multi-label Classification with Many Labels,
Wei Bi; James Kwok



       Multi-view Data Classification


  Paper 7: A Survey on Multi-view Learning, Chang Xu, Dacheng Tao, Chao Xu


  Paper8: ECML2013: Shared Structure Learning for Multiple Tasks with Multiple Views, Xin Jin, Fuzhen Zhuang, Shuhui Wang, Qing He, Zhongzhi Shi


  Paper9: ICML2013: Multi-View Clustering and Feature Learning via Structured Sparsity, Hua Wang; Feiping Nie; Heng Huang







       Outlier Detection and class imbalances


  Paper10: ECML2013: Local Outlier Detection with Interpretation , Xuan Hong Dang, Barbora Micenkov, Ira Assent, Raymond T. Ng

  Paper11: ICDM 2013: Combating Sub-clusters Effect in Imbalanced Classification, Abhishek Shrivastava, and Yang Zhao

  Paper12: KDD2013: Subsampling for Efficient and Effective Unsupervised Outlier Detection Ensembles, Arthur Zimek, Matthew Gaudet, Ricardo J. G. Campello, Jrg Sander


       Text Mining


  Paper13: ICDM2013: Classifying Spam Emails using Text and Readability Features, Rushdi Shams and Robert Mercer

  Paper14: KDD2013:2013: A Phrase Mining Framework for Recursive Construction of a Topical Hierarchy, Chi Wang, Marina Danilevsky, Nihit Desai, Yinan Zhang, Phuong Nguyen, Thrivikrama Taula, Jiawei Han

  Paper15: ACL2013: Separating Fact from Fear: Tracking Flu Infections on Twitter
Lamb, Paul, Dredze


       Data Mining for Health Informatics


  Paper16 : ICDM2013: Exploring Patient Risk Groups with Incomplete Knowledge, Xiang Wang, Fei Wang, Jun Wang, Buyue Qian, and Jianying Hu

  Paper17: KDD2013: Multi-Source Learning with Block-wise Missing Data For Alzheimers Disease Prediction, Shuo Xiang, Lei Yuan, Wei Fan, Yalin Wang, Paul Thompson, Jieping Ye

  Paper18: ECML2013: Computational Drug Repositioning by Ranking and Integrating Multiple Data Sources, Ping Zhang, Pankaj Agarwal, Zoran Obradovic


       Data Mining for Defense and Security


  Paper19: SDM2013: NetSpot: Spotting Significant Anomalous Regions on Dynamic Networks, Misael Mongiovi, Petko Bogdanov, Razvan Ranca, Evangelos Papalexakis, Christos Faloutsos, Ambuj Singh

  Paper20: ECML2013: Evasion Attacks against Machine Learning at Test Time, Battista Biggio, Igino Corona, Davide Maiorca, Blaine Nelson, Nedim rndić

  Paper21: ECML2013: Learning to Detect Patterns of Crime, Tong Wang, Cynthia Rudin, Daniel Wagner, Rich Sevieri

       Social Network Analysis


  Paper22: KDD2013: The Role of Information Diffusion in the Evolution of Social Networks, Lilian Weng, Jacob Ratkiewicz, Nicola Perra, Bruno Goncalves, Carlos Castillo, Francesco Bonchi, Rossano Schifanella, Filippo Menczer, Alessandro Flammini

  Paper23: ECML2013: Discovering Nested Communities, Nikolaj Tatti, Aristides Gionis

  Paper24: ICML2013: Copy or Coincidence? A Model for Detecting Social Influence and Duplication Events, Lisa Friedland; David Jensen; Michael Lavine