CSI 2131 - File Management - WINTER 2004

Professor :  Lucia Moura
Course Description :  syllabus (first handout: prof's contact info, general course info, marking scheme, due dates, etc.)
Sources of Info: News/Announcements (Read this regularly)
T.A. help: TA contact information
Help desks with TAs
Discussion group: it is available at WebCT. 

Grades:  midterm: Section A, Section B
FINAL GRADES: Section A, Section B (last update: May 6)
Test info:  Midterm Format
Final Exam Format and Information (NEW!!!)
Office hour with professor: Tuesday April 13, 1:00-3:00
Lab info:  Assignment of student to lab time slots (about lab assignment)
Labs Contents
Course Material:  Lecture Contents
Lecture slides
Lectures 1-13 (ps, pdf, ps 4 in 1, pdf 4 in 1), review (ps, pdf),
Lectures 14-25 (ps, ps 4 in 1, pdf 4 in 1 ).
Last two lectures:Review and Past Final Exam
Errata for slides: ps, ps 4 in 1, pdf, pdf 4 in 1.
Assignments: Assignment submission : go to WebCT, then to CSI2131AB page, then to "assignments".
Policies:  [Plagiarism| Remarking | Late Assignments| Missed Midterm ]
Other links:  C++ Books and Resources
CSI 2531 (French Section of this course)
SITE's computing labs & local info and SITE Computer lab schedule
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