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WhenFn comparison table
Subject have domain1 be first domain of have range be second domain of documentation have axiom is a kind of is an instance of
TemporalRelation valence subrelationThe Class of temporal Relations. This Class includes notions of (temporal) topology of intervals, (temporal) schemata, and (temporal) extension
(forall (?INT) (domain exhaustiveDecomposition ?INT Class))
UnaryFunction rangeSubclass inverseThe Class of Functions that require a single argument
(instance ?FUNCTION UnaryFunction)
(valence ?FUNCTION 1))
WhenFnPhysicalrangeSubclassTimeIntervalinverseA UnaryFunction that maps an Object or Process to the exact TimeInterval during which it exists. Note that, for every TimePoint ?TIME outside of the TimeInterval (WhenFn ?THING), ?THING is not existant at ?TIME
(starts (ImmediateFutureFn (WhenFn ?THING)) (FutureFn (WhenFn ?THING)))

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