Graduate students supervised by Lucia Moura

Current graduate students:

Former graduate students (by reverse graduation date) and links to their theses:

Andre's picture
Andre Guerino Castoldi
PhD in Mathematics (sandwich PhD with UEM, Brazil), March 2016. (co-supervised with Emerson Carmelo)
Covering codes in Rosembloom-Tsfasman spaces and ordered orthogonal arrays" (in portuguese)
Currently, Andre is teaching at a university in Brazil.
Elizabeth's picture
Elizabeth Maltais
PhD in Mathematics and Statistics, February 2016. (co-supervised with Mike Newman)
Graph-dependent Covering Arrays and LYM inequalities
Currently, Elizabeth is a postdoc at the University of Ottawa.
Thais' picture
Thais Bardini Idalino
MSc in Computer Science (UFSC, Brazil), June 2015. (co-supervised with Ricardo Custodio)
Using Combinatorial Group Testing to Solve Integrity Issues (PDF file)
Currently, Thais is working on her PhD in Computer Science at the University of Ottawa.
Sebastian's picture
Sebastian Raaphorst
PhD in Computer Science, December 2012. (co-supervised with Brett Stevens)
Variable strength covering arrays (PDF file)
Currently, Sebastian works as a software engineer at the Gemini Observatory.
Jacob's picture
Jacob Chodoriwsky
Master's in Mathematics, June 2012 (co-supervised with Mateja Sajna)
Thesis: Error locating arrays, adaptive software testing and combinatorial group testing (PDF file)
Jacob currently works at the high tech industry.

Patrick's picture
Patrick Niesink
Master's in Mathematics, May 2010 (co-supervised with Mateja Sajna)
Thesis: The vertex-switching reconstruction problem (PDF file)
Patrick currently works as a consultant.

Elizabeth's picture
Elizabeth Maltais
Master's in Mathematics, October 2009
Thesis:Covering arrays avoiding forbidden edges and edge clique covers (PDF file)
Currently, Elizabeth is working on her PhD in Mathematics at the University of Ottawa.

Latifa's picture
Latifa Zekaoui

Master's in Computer Science, September 2006
Thesis: Mixed covering arrays on graphs and tabu search algorithm (PDF file)
Currently, Latifa is a software tester at a software company in Ottawa.

Karen's picture
Karen Meagher
PhD in Mathematics and Statistics, September 2005 (co-supervised with Brett Stevens, Carleton University)
Thesis: Covering arrays on graphs: qualitative independence graphs and extremal set-partition theory (PDF file)
- Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Mathematics and Statistics Doctoral Prize, 2005-2006.
- University of Ottawa Pierre Laberge doctoral prize for an outstanding PhD thesis in the Sciences, 2005-2006.

After an NSERC postdoctoral fellowship (2005-2007) with Chris Godsil in Combinatorics and Optimization at the University of Waterloo, she joined the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Regina as an Assistant Professor in July 2007.

Sebastian's picture
Sebastian Raaphorst
Masters in Computer Science, October 2004
Thesis: Branch-and-cut for symmetrical ILPs and combinatorial designs (PDF file)
After completing his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Ottawa, he got a job in the high tech industry.