Sebastian Raaphorst

About Me

My name's Sebastian Raaphorst, and I have recently completed my PhD in computer science at the University of Ottawa under the supervision of Lucia Moura and Brett Stevens. My focus is in combinatorial design theory and specifically covering arrays, although I'm very interested in machine learning as well. I am currently seeking a developer position in industry, preferably working in Java, C++, or Python, or further opportunities in academia.

I can be typically found studying Mandarin Chinese or Classical Chinese, watching television, reading, writing novels, cooking (preferably Thai food), jogging, playing video games, programming, or reading math and computer science books.

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Research Interests

The focus of my PhD research was on covering arrays, and in particular variable strength covering arrays. These are a type of combinatorial design that can be used to perform highly effective testing (combinatorial testing), which is one of the few types of testing where actual guarantees can be made as to the quality of testing. My interests are predominantly in combinatorial algorithms and machine learning, high performance computing, combinatorial design theory, coding theory, cryptography, and finite fields. I also have a strong background in integer programming and optimization, which was the focus of my Master's thesis. Both are available below in the Publications section.

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Here is some code that I've written and am distributing for anyone who finds it useful. All code is released under the GNU GPL version 2.0. Note: While I program in C++, C, and Java, I prefer to program in Python when I have the option to do so. I firmly believe that Python teaches new programmers good programming techniques without overwhelming them in computer science concepts, and makes programming fun again (like back in the C64 days). *shakes his cane at you*

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For the requirements of my Master's courses, I completed several projects. The resultant programs and papers are listed below:

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Contact Information

Here are some of the ways you can track me down:

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