CSI2101-2008 class notes by Prof Nejib Zaguia.

notes for the first 3 lectures are inspired, with his approval, from Prof. Michael Frank notes at http://www.cise.ufl.edu/~mpf/cot3100lecs/

N1) Introduction (Intro-color.pdf)

N2) Review MAT1348 (Review-color.pdf)

N3) Predicat Logic (Predicat Logic -color.pdf)

N4) Inference Rules (Inference-color.pdf)

N5) Growth of functions (Growth-color.pdf)

N6) Induction (Induction-color.pdf)

N7) Number Theory (NumberThe-color.pdf)

N8) Prog Correct (ProgCorrect-color.pdf)

N9) Recurrence (Recurrence-color.pdf)

N10) Partial Order (Partial Order-color.pdf)

N11) Graphs (Graphs-color.pdf)