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18.3.4 Image


   Physical definition of a graphical image.


Issue 8449 - add generalization to Element

   • Element (from Kernel ) on page 63


   The Image class provides the necessary information to display an Image in a diagram. Icons are typically handled through the Image class.


Issue 8449 -add new attributes for Image


   In addition the prefix 'MIME: ' is also reserved: this must be followed by a valid MIME type as defined by RFC3023 . This option can be used as an alternative to express the reserved values above, for example "SVG" could instead be expressed "MIME: image/svg+xml"

   • location : String [0..1] This contains a location that can be used by a tool to locate the image as an alternative to embedding it in the stereotype.


   No additional associations


   No additional constraints


Issue 8449 -replace last two sentences

   Information such as physical localization or format is provided by the Image class. The Image class provides a generic way of representing images in different formats. Although some predefined values are specified for imageFormat for convenience and interoperability, the set of possible formats is open-ended. However there is no requirement for an implementation to be able to interpret and display any specific format, including those predefined values.