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18.3.5 Package




   InfrastructureLibrary::Constructs::Package (merge increment)


   A package can have one or more ProfileApplication s to indicate which profiles have been applied. Because a profile is a package, it is possible to apply a profile not only to packages, but also to profiles.


   No additional attributes


Issue 9183 -replace ‘appliedProfile’ with ‘profileApplication’ and fixsubsets constraint

   • profileApplication : ProfileApplication [*] References the ProfileApplication s that indicate which profiles have been applied to the Package. Subsets Element::ownedElement.


   No additional constraints


   The association appliedProfile between a package and a profile crosses metalevels: It links one element from a model (a kind of package) to an element of its metamodel and represents the set of profiles that define the extensions applicable to the package. Although this kind of situation is rare in the UML metamodel, this only shows that model and metamodel can coexist on the same space, and can have links between them.


   No additional notation

   Changes from previous UML

   In UML 1.4, it was not possible to indicate which profiles were applied to a package.