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existant comparison table
Subject have domain2 have domain1 be first domain of be second domain of documentation have axiom is a kind of is an instance of
AsymmetricRelation  trichotomizingOninverseA BinaryRelation is asymmetric only if it is both an AntisymmetricRelation and an IrreflexiveRelation
(instance ?REL IrreflexiveRelation)
(forall (?INST)
(holds ?REL ?INST ?INST))))
BinaryPredicate  singleValuedinverseA Predicate relating two items - its valence is two
(instance ?REL BinaryPredicate)
(valence ?REL 2))
TemporalRelation  valencesubrelationThe Class of temporal Relations. This Class includes notions of (temporal) topology of intervals, (temporal) schemata, and (temporal) extension
(forall (?INT) (domain exhaustiveDecomposition ?INT Class))
existantTimePositionPhysicalvalencesubrelationThis relation holds between an instance of Physical and an instance of TimePosition just in case the temporal lifespan of the former includes the latter. The constants located and existant are the basic spatial and temporal predicates, respectively
(result ?PROC ?OBJ)
(forall (?TIME)
(before ?TIME (BeginFn (WhenFn ?PROC)))
(existant ?OBJ ?TIME)))))

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