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VariableArityRelationdocumentation The Class of Relations that do not have a fixed number of arguments2001-11-30 13:35:32.0
has axiom
(instance ?REL VariableArityRelation)
(exists (?INT)
(valence ?REL ?INT))))
2001-11-30 13:35:32.0
is a kind of Relation2001-11-30 13:35:32.0
Relationis first domain of domain2001-11-30 13:35:10.0
is first domain of domainSubclass2001-11-30 13:35:10.0
is first domain of holds2001-11-30 13:35:10.0
is first domain of subrelation2001-11-30 13:35:10.0
is first domain of valence2001-11-30 13:35:10.0
is second domain of subrelation2001-11-30 13:35:10.0
Classis third domain of domain2001-11-30 13:33:51.0
is third domain of domainSubclass2001-11-30 13:33:51.0
Abstractis disjoint from Physical2001-11-30 13:33:32.0

Kinds of VariableArityRelation :