CSI 4105 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms II - Fall 2002

Professor :  Lucia Moura
Sources of Info: Office hours with Professor during December:
Dec 4,11 2:00-4:00,
change: Dec 17 11:00-12:00 and Dec 19 11:00-12:00 and 2:00-3:00 or by appointment.
Office hours with T.A.
Marks: a1, a2, Midterm , a3, assign average, Exam plus Final Marks .
Course Material:  Course Description and Outline (this is the first handout with prof's contact info, textbook, marking scheme, due dates, etc.)
Lecture Contents (contents for each lecture, due dates) 
Lecture notes/slides: Lect 1-5  without pictures: (postscript, ,pdf) ; with pictures: photocopy at  Marion 028.
Assignments: A1: handout (ps,pdf), FAQ, marking guide, solution (ps,pdf)
A2: handout (ps,pdf), marking guide,solution (ps,pdf), A3(text), marking guide, solution (ps, pdf).
Midterm: past midterm (ps,pdf), extra office hour
Past Final Exam
Converting a Turing Machine into a RAM program: sample (ps, pdf)
Study/fun links:  Program your own Turing machine. Follow a Turing machine simulation
The Alan Turing home page.
Advice on learning how to write proofs, by Francois Pitt.
The million dolar question: P versus NP, minesweeper and P vs NP
Computational complexity of games and puzzles, by David Eppstein.
Policies:  [Plagiarism| Remarking | Late Assignments| Missed Midterm
Useful links:  SITE,University of Ottawa
University of Ottawa Library
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