Notes and comments on assignment 3

Note on remarking policy

Several of you approached me for remarkings of assignment 2. If you want to have an assignment remarked, the policy for requesting a remarking is clearly stated on the course web page. It is against policy for you to come and see me directly and request a remark, and such requests will not be accepted. Please refer to the course web page or discuss your situation with the professor if you are unclear with regards to this.

Secondly, if you want part of your assignment remarked, I expect you to perform the following first:

Most of assignment 3 was based on proofs, and marks were awarded for both correctness and clarity. In these sorts of problems, clarity and precision are what differentiate a mediocre solution from a perfect one. You may have had marks deducted because I didn't think your solution was clear; these deductions are consistent with the way that the other students were marked, and hence, I can't give you extra marks if you feel that the deductions were overly harsh or unjustified. I tried to understand each of your proofs thoroughly and read them all carefully, but if you feel that I made an error and misunderstood something you were doing, you are welcome to request a remarking in this case.

So, if, after checking the solutions, you feel that your answer was correct, and you can give me a very strong written justification as to why your answer was correct, then I will remark, but only under those circumstances. Of course, your answer does not have to follow the written solution; if you used a completely original solution that you strongly believe to be correct but that I considered incorrect, please justify its correctness.

In order to indicate to me that you have complied with the above guidelines, I will expect, amongst your written explanation justifying that your answer was correct but I didn't understand it, a written statement saying: "I have read the solution to this question, as well as the notes in the marking guide, in compliance with the remarking policy." Requests without this statement will not be honoured.

Breakdown of marks and general notes

A general note: I cannot stress strongly enough that a proof by example is not a sufficient proof. Examples may be useful in order to help you to understand the problem, but I will not consider them (nor will nearly any TA) part of a solution when I am marking a proof question. Many of you are struggling with mathematical proofs and logic. I recommend that brush up on these techniques.

Question 1

Question 2

Good luck on your exams, happy holidays, and have a great new year!