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Lecture and Tutorial Contents

Lecture and Tutorial Notes (everything available online)
Lecture and Tutorial Notes available at the Moriset library (on reserve - 2h loan):

  • "CSI 2131 Lecture Notes 2001" (call number: ZZX02153) - all available
  • "CSI 2131 Notes Tutorial 2001" (call number ZZX02156) - all available
    Textbook also available at the library (on reserve - 2h loan).

    What was covered in lectures/tutorials:

    Week of: Leture Notes:Textbook
    Tutorial Notes:
    Jan 01 Lecture 1(ps,pdf) Introduction to File Management Chap. 1 -
    Jan 08 Lecture 2(ps,pdf) Fundamental File Processing Operations
    Lecture 3(ps,pdf) Managing Files of Records
    Chap. 2,
    4.1, 5.1, 2.5
    Tutorial 1(ps,pdf)
    C++ Basics
    Jan 15 Lecture 4 (ps,pdf) Secondary Storage Devices: magnetic disks
    Lecture 5 (ps,pdf) Secondary Storage Devices: magnetic tapes
    Chap. 3.1,3.2,3.3 Tutorial 2(ps,pdf)
    More C++
    Jan 22 Lecture 6 (ps,pdf)Secodary storage devices: CD-ROM
    Lecture 7 (ps,pdf) The journey of a byte and Buffering
    Chap. 3.4-3.10 Tutorial 3(ps,pdf)
    Problems on disk/tapes.
    C++:operator overloading.
    Jan 29 Lecture 8 (ps,pdf) Data Compression: various techniques and Huffman code
    Lecture 9 (ps,pdf) Data Compression: Lempel-Ziv code
    Chap. 6.1
    Additional notes (html)
    Huffman code,
    Lempel-Ziv code
    Tutorial 4 (ps,pdf)
    C++ inheritance. Using inheritance for file structures.
    Feb 05 Lecture 10 (ps,pdf) Reclaiming Space in Files
    Lecture 11 (ps,pdf) Internal Sorting, Binary Searching, Keysorting, Indexing
    Chap. 6.2
    Chap 6.3, 6.4,7.1-7.3
    Tutorial 5 (ps,pdf)
    Review the Huffman program
    provided for Assignment#2
    Feb 12 Lecture 12 (ps,pdf) Indexing (cont'd)
    Lecture 13 (ps,pdf) Indexing (cont'd), Co-sequential processing (start)
    Chap. 7.4-7.6 ,
    Chap. 7.7-7.10, 8.1
    Tutorial 6:
    Review the solution
    for Assignment#1
    Feb 19 Study break!!!!!!!!! - -
    Feb 26 Lecture 14 (ps,pdf) Co-sequential processing (Ledger Application)
    Lecture 15 (ps,pdf) Review for the midterm
    Midterm Test on Saturday
    Chap. 8 (cont'd) Tutorial 7(ps,pdf)
    Review of Key Terms for the Midterm
    Mar 5Lecture 16 (ps,pdf) Multiway Merge, Sorting large files
    Lecture 17(ps,pdf) Introduction to B-trees, insertion
    Chap. 8.3, 8.5
    Tutorial 8:
    Review of the solution for the Midterm
    (available at the Moriset Library, under lecture notes)
    Mar 12Lecture 18 (ps,pdf) More on B-trees (Monday/Tuesday)
    No lecture on Thursday/Friday
    Chapters 9.8-9.12 Tutorial 9:
    Discussion of Assignment#3
    (requirements and questions)
    Mar 19No lecture Monday/Tuesday
    Lecture 19(ps,pdf) B+ trees (Thursday/Friday)
    Chapters 10.1-10.5 Tutorial 10:
    Practice with insertions and deletions in B-trees
    Mar 26Lecture 21 (ps,pdf) Hashing
    Lecture 20(ps,pdf) B+ trees (extra lecture: Monday 1:00 and Tuesday 1:00)
    Lecture 22 (ps,pdf) Hashing
    Chapters 11.1-11.3.2
    Chapters 10.6-10.7 (roughly 10.8-10.11)
    Chapters 11.3.3-11.5
    No tutorial!
    Apr 02Lecture 23 (ps,pdf) Hashing
    Lecture 24 (ps,pdf) Hashing, Final Overview
    Chapters 11.6-11.7
    Chapters 11.8-11.9
    Tutorial 11:
    Solution of exercises 3 and 10 of Chapter 11 (Hashing).

    What was originally scheduled to be covered (tentative):

    Week of: Contents:
    Jan 01 Lecture: Course overview, housekeeping, introduction to file structures.
    (No tutorial on the first week!)
    Jan 08 Lectures: Fundamental file processing operations, managing files of records (sequential and direct access), introduction to C++, file manipulation in C++.
    Tutorial: C++ basics with examples.
    Jan 15 Lectures: Secondary storage devices: disks, magnetic tapes, CD-ROM. File systems (start)
    Tutorial: TBA
    Jan 22 Lectures: File systems (Chapters 3.8-3.10). Fundamental file structure concepts and managing file of records (essential concepts in Chapters 4 and 5).
    Tutorial: TBA
    Jan 29 Lectures: Data Compression. Reclaiming space in files.
    Tutorial: TBA
    Feb 05 Lectures: Indexing. Hashing in main memory.
    Tutorial: TBA
    Feb 12 Lectures: Internal Sorting. Cosequential processing and sorting of large files.
    Tutorial: TBA
    Feb 19 Study Break !!!!
    Feb 26 Lectures: Cosequential processing and external sorting. Review for the midterm.
    Tutorial: TBA
    Mar 05 Lectures: Multilevel indices and B-trees.
    Tutorial: TBA
    Mar 12 Lectures: More on B-tree operations.
    Tutorial: TBA
    Mar 19 Lectures: Indexed sequential files and B+ trees.
    Tutorial: TBA
    Mar 26 Lectures: Hashing in secondary storage.
    Tutorial: TBA
    Apr 02 Lectures: Extendible hashing.
    Tutorial: TBA