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Liam Peyton,
P.Eng., Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus / Professeur Émérite

B.Sc., McGill, 1984
M.Sc. Stanford, 1989
Ph.D. Aalborg, 1996

Retired Professor from the School of Engineering Design and Teaching Innovation at the University of Ottawa.

Program Administration

In the past, I was Vice-Dean Graduate Studies for the Faculty of Engineering (2018-22), Director of Graduate Programs in Digital Transformation and Innovation (2013-2016) and Associate Director for Software Engineering (2012-2016).

Research Interests

Here is a list of my publications as well as a link to my PhD thesis on Understanding Software Automation.
My main area of interest is model-driven data integration and mobile app development to support business processes and performance management for healthcare and other industries.
This includes user-experience design, cloud computing, data analytics, quality assurance, content management and privacy.
I also mentor and do basic research in digital transformation, technology innovation, experiential learning, and software engineering.


Member of the Graduate Engineering Students - Professional Development Club
Member of the Centre for Indigenous Community Infrastructure
Member of the program committee for Health Informatics
Member of the IBM-Telfer Center For Business Analytics and Performance


Students are encouraged to join the Graduate Engineering Students - Professional Development Club.
In the past I have taught Graduate Student Professional Development Workshops, GNG 5902 / ELG 5902, SEG4910 / SEG4911, EBC8101 / 8102, EBC6230, GNG1106, CSI1390, CSI2911, SEG4105, SEG4189, SEG4289, CSI5380, CSI5389.

Industry Experience

15 years as an independent consultant with my own company, The MirrorWorks Software Inc., specializing in innovation, knowledge transfer, and mentoring.
My projects addressed specific industries (government, healthcare, telecommunications, and online-retail) as they adopted new technology to automate and manage business processes.
I mentored several teams in the adoption of agile development processes (Scrum.)

School of Engineering Design and Teaching Innovation (SEDTI),
Faculty of Engineering,
University of Ottawa
801 King Edward Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1N 6N5

Office: Minto Sports Complex Building, Room N205
Email: lpeyton@uottawa.ca

Last major modification: December 2023; minor updates regularly.