School of Information Technology and Engineering (SITE)

SEG 4105: Software Project Management, Fall 2012

General Notes

  1. Academic Fraud: please carefully note and understand regulations regarding academic fraud, as covered in the Faculty Regulations document (starts on page 22). There will be zero tolerance for fraud and plagiarism.
  2. Attendance: Attendance of lectures, discussion groups, and labs is mandatory. As per academic regulations, students who do not attend 80% of the classes will not be allowed to write the final examinations.
  3. Deliverables: All components of the course (i.e laboratory reports, assignments, etc.) must be fulfilled otherwise students may receive an INC as a final mark (equivalent to an F). This is also valid for a student who is taking the course for the second time.

Virtual Campus:

All lectures, labs, assignment and project are posted on virtual campus ( ).

Professor: Liam Peyton,, ext. 2122
Office Hours: Wednesdays 10:00 11:00, STE 5-074


TA Office Hours:
Parisa Pouladzadeh [], email for appointment  

Lectures, DGD and Lab hours:  See


Monday 10:00 - 11:30

TBT 323

Every Week


Wednesday 08:30 - 10:00

TBT 323

Every Week


Monday 17:30 - 19:00

Vanier 2075

Every Week starting September 17


Friday 10:00 - 11:30

SITE 0130

Only as needed. See schedule below



Advanced project planning, cost estimation and scheduling. Project management tools. Factors influencing productivity and success. Productivity metrics. Analysis of options and risk. Planning for change. Management of expectations. Release and configuration management. Software process standards. Software contracts and intellectual property. Approaches to maintenance and long-term software development. Reengineering and reverse engineering. Case studies of real industrial projects. Prerequisite: SEG3100 or SEG3300.


Futrell, Shafer, and Shafer, Quality Software Project Management, Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0-13-091297-2, 2002.


Assignments: There will be 2 assignments, due by email to the TA. Late assignments will receive a mark of zero. Solutions will be presented by the TA in the DGD session following each assignment's due date. Each student must do his/her own assignment. Please settle any dispute on the assignment grades with the TA first.

Project: Students will be asked to form groups of four (4) people. Each group is required to do a demonstration of their project to the TA and submit a project report. Detailed information about the project will be presented by the TA in late September. 

Lab: Each project group will also do two labs. Lab details will be announced later.

Midterm: will be closed book and based on material covered in the course. The midterm will be given on Monday October 15 2011 in the class.

Final Exam: will be closed book and based on everything covered during the course.



Week of


Lectures (Mon / Wed)

September 3

/ Introduction

September 10

Lecture 1/2

September 17

Team formation due

Lecture 3/4

September 24

Assignment 1 given

Lecture 5/6

October 1

* Project Charter due
* Assignment 1 due
* Lab 1 given

Lecture 7/8

October 8

Lab 1 due

Thanksgiving / Lecture 9 + Midterm review

October 15

Midterm / Industry Guest Lecture

October 22

Study week

October 29

*  Lab 2 given
* Project Check Point 1 due

Lecture 10/11

November 5

* Lab 2 due
* Assignment 2 given

Lecture 12/13

November 12

Lecture 14/15

November 19

* Project Check Point 2 due
* Assignment 2 due 

Lecture 16/17

November 26

Project Presentation/Customer Demo

December 3

* Project Plan due
* PPA due 

Lecture 18 + exam review