Projet génie logiciel de fin d'études


Software Engineering Capstone Project


Prof. Liam Peyton

Monday / Lundi, 10h00 - 11h30 à SITE / ÉITI 5074 ou par rendez-vous (courriel



"Mehdi S. Salehi"

Office hours by appointment: SITE 5-006

Or during official class time.


There is significant group work in this course. Please read the attached article for guidelines on how to work and communicate in a group.


In case of emergency on campus call 4511 for Protection Services … they will call 911 directly if it is needed (911 does not work on campus).

Be safe at night on campus.  There is a free student-run service offered on campus to ensure that no one has to walk to or from class on their own.

SEG4911F Horaire / Timetable

SEG4910W Horaire / Timetable


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Course Description in English (Syllabus)