Not taught by me this year. Last taught Fall 2004.

CSI5389 - Electronic Commerce Technologies.

Dr. Peyton is the instructor for CSI5389.

Dr. Matwin has been teaching this course in the past, we will be using some material from his course web site. BUT NOTE: we now use the 2nd edition of the textbook which came out this year.

This course is using WEBCT. Please go to the virtual campus to login and gain access to all course information (including email, forum discussion, grades, and links to the pages included here). NOTE: you will not have access to the course on WEBCT until you are officially registered for the course and WEBCT has updated its files (usually takes 1-2 days after you register).

FOOT PATROL NOTICE: Since this is an evening course, please be aware that there is a free service offered on campus to ensure that no one has to walk to or from class on their own.


Lecture Room:

Monday/Lundi 16:00-19:00 LMX 220

Office Hours

Prof. Liam Peyton, : Monday/Lundi 14:00-16:00 SITE 5074

TA: Saeid Nourian, Thursday/Jeudi 11:00 12:00 SITE 5077


Readings, References, and Tutorials


The following book has been ordered at Agora book store (and is probably available at,,

Designing Systems for Internet Commerce, 2nd Edition
by G. Winfield Treese, Lawrence C. Stewart
Paperback - 467 pages (2003)
Addison-Wesley Pub Co



Class Schedule

Lectures and Slides