University of Ottawa, Canada's University Robert Laganière
Robert Laganiere Professor
Ph.D., P.Eng (OIQ)
room STE 5023
(613) 562-5800
ext. 6707
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Research interests
  • Computer Vision
  • Image and Video Analysis
Autonomous driving and Driver-assistance Applications
partner: Cognivue corp, NXP
Human Recognition
partners:, Solink Corp, Cognivue, Aditude, CBSA Canada
Real-time Object Matching and Tracking
partners: Ross Video, Thales, Habitat Seven, YouI Labs
Intelligent Visual Surveillance
partners:, Solink Corp, CBSA Canada
Feature Detection and Matching
NAVIRE: Virtual Navigation in Remote Environements
partner: Frontline Robotics
The objective of this project is to address and solve the technical challenges required to achieve effective and natural virtual navigation in image-based renditions of real environments.