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Different approaches for automatic video summarization.

Introduction: The objective of automatic video summarization is to provide users of video monitoring systems with consise summaries of what has been observed by a surveillance camera during a long period of time. In some cases, when the scene is usually quiet, simple motion detection would suffice, but in most cases such simple approach will still produce a too long summary. In this project, we aim at obtaining better summaries by combining the different moving objects and display them together, inside the same frames, whenever possible.

Some results

  • This is the original video: 4:00 minutes.
  • Simple solution 1: using motion detection Frames without motion are removed. 1:03 minutes.
  • Simple solution 2: fast-forwarding Only 1 frame every 10 is kept. 0:23 minutes.
  • Our solution: merging moving objects The moving objects are combined and displayed simultaneously whenever possible. The original temporal ordering is maintained. 0:37 minutes.
  • Our solution: merging moving objects with collisions Here some collisions between moving objects are allowed in order to increase the temporal compression. 0:14 minutes.