Color-filter-array Sampling of Color Images:

Frequency-domain Analysis and Associated Demosaicking Algorithms: Additional Results

Eric Dubois and Maria Urlea

This web site accompanies Chapter 7 of Single-Sensor Imaging: Methods and Applications for Digital Cameras, R. Lukac, ed. CRC Press 2009. The book is available on CRCnetBase.

This site provides a summary of the theory of the color filter array sampling and demosaicking using the method of luma-chroma demultiplexing, as developed in the chapter, for the examples presented in the chapter as well as for several additional examples of interest. More comprehensive results on image datasets are also provided. The web site is currently under development and additional examples will be added. We currently provide material for the following:

Bayer structure

Diagonal stripe structure (section

Comparison between Bayer and diagonal stripe structures

Hexagonal rotated Bayer structure (section A detailed study can be found in the following report:

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