Breaths !

The Breaths project consists in a duo between Tenor saxophonist Bernard Stepien and saxophonist David Broscoe.

the Breaths concept

The concept consists in starting to blow in the saxophones without producing a note, thus hearing a breath sound. This eventually will lead to a note to emerge that is held for a while until the next move to another still unpredictable nota. Once there, another note is added which after repeating this process several time will end up in a phrase being born. The basic phrase is then developed according to Cecil Taylor's principle of playing that phrase in all directions, forward or backward, repeating portions of the phrase, enriching the phrase with additional notes, etc...
For some obscure reasons, the best Breaths come out as a first tune of the day and usually after several days of not touching the instruments.
the development of the music is based on a strict interactive principle. Each musician listens to the other and may take two options: support or development. In both cases, there is a standard to be as transparent as possible by avoiding stepping on each others toes. However, when loosening up these rules, some interesting things sometimes happen.
Bernard Stepien
David Broscoe