the Klunk Project
le Chantier Klonk
by the Bernard Stepien / Scott Warren duo

Bernard Stepien
Scott Warren
at the Mercury Lounge
56 Byward market, Ottawa
Wednesday, November 26th, 2003, 9:30 PM

Klunk is a spin-off of the PianoLessMonk project but it is also a transposition of the Breaths project with David Broscoe. The concept here is to break up the separation of roles of the instruments as melodic and rythmic. The saxophone and the drum/percussion intrude on each other's territory. The use of simple structural phrase by Bernard Stepien enables to rework them in different rythmic patterns while the wide use of casual objects by drummer/percusionist Scott Warren enables to provide a palette of sounds whith a melodic quality. The repertoire revolves also around pure interactive improvised music but also revisiting some old standards like Duke Ellington's Caravan or concepts such as Scott Joplin's ragtime.