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Rake-star Arke-stra plays the music of Sun Ra

Members of some of Ottawa’s more adventurous music groups assemble to celebrate the creative legacy of avant-garde jazz giant, Sun Ra, with a grand spectacle of music, dance, sound and light (Sun et lumière ) .

Individuals from rake, Seppuku, Scare Henry, Akpokli, Couroung Fayo, More Monk and the mighty Chelsea Bridge join forces to play from the songbook of the legendary big-band leader and his historic succession of Arkestras (Solar Arkestra, Intergalactic Astro-Solar Infinity Arkestra, Blue Universe Arkestra...)

Assembled into small groups as well as Rake-star Arke-stra, these Earthlings will delight in the songs of the jazzman from Saturn.........at the Mercury.

Where and When ?

Performance begins at 8 p.m. on Tuesday night, May 23rd, in the year 2000. Admission $7 @ the Mercury Lounge, 56 Byward Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in the market.

Rake-star Arke-stra:

David Broscoe...alto sax, baritone sax, bassoon
Dave Burnett...live sound
Petr Cancura...tenor sax
Rob Frayne...tenor sax, flute, bass clarinet
Jamie Gullikson...drums
Rory Magill...drums, trombone
Mark Molnar...cello
Martin Newman...double bass
Paul Newman...tenor sax, soprano sax
Bernard Stepien...tenor sax
Gaby Warren (in absentia via video)...poetry, song
Shara Weaver...dance
Linsey Wellman...alto sax, flute

Sun Ra established his credentials in the jazz world as Sonny Blount, arranger for the popular Fletcher Henderson big band in the swinging forties. He left all that behind in the fifties when he learned of his true origins (Sun Ra, born on the planet Saturn) and his true calling (messenger to planet Earth with a message of love in the language of cosmic jazz.) He toured his multi-disciplinary Arkestra of dedicated musicians around the world right into his eighties (our nineties) before departing this planet to return to his beloved home. Rake-star Arke-stra is dedicated to the rich legacy of wild creativity left for us by this great figure. Long live Sun Ra.

Set list :

Calling Planet Earth
Looking Outward
Song of Tree and Forest
Saturn Doll (Magill)
Space Jazz Reverie
Cobalt (Broscoe)
Satellites are Spinning
Disciplines (33 Saturn, segue into 33 Impulse and 99 simulaneously 33 Saturn) Nothing From Nothing
Space is Still the Place
Journey to Rakestar (Magill)
Ancient Aethiopia
I Dream Too Much
Cluster of Galaxies (cello, gongs, bassoon electronics)
We Travel the Spaceways

Pre-views and reviews

The Ottawa Citizen - Preview by James Hale, saturday May 20th, 2000

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