Resource Page for Software Engineering Students

The software engineering program teaches its students to solve problems through the systematic development and evolution of large software systems within cost and time constraints. Students learn how to apply engineering principles when performing requirements analysis, measurement, modelling, design, validation, implementation, testing, documentation, and management. Software engineers are key professionals in all industries including high-tech, finance, telecommunications, government, healthcare, transportation, and entertainment.

The Faculty of Engineering offers a BASc in Software Engineering degree or a BASc in Software Engineering, Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship Option.

Coop is required for both degrees. Students alternate work and study terms in order to gain practical industry experience. This gives them a competitive edge when they graduate and look for full time jobs. Often students find full time jobs with an organization that employed them as a coop student.

The same number of credits (120) is required for both programs. Students in the Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship Option have fewer elective courses, but take 15 credits (5 courses) in areas like Management, Financial Accounting, Marketing, and Technology Entrepreneurship.

Visit the Software Engineering Coop Page for more information about the coop program.

For more information about the Software Engineering program see the official about Software Engineering page. For the precise course requirements for Software Engineering, see the official calendar