Resource Page for Software Engineering Students

SEG Coop

The Software Engineering program has a compulsory coop option. This enables students to take part in paid work terms. The employment is a practical application directed towards the student's academic course of study. Coop students are supervised and evaluated by both the employer and the University of Ottawa. It is a great opportunity for students to test skills learned in the classroom, and to expand their knowledge through related work experience and it gives students a competitve when going out into the workforce. It also creates an opportunity to network with employers which can be very beneficial for future jobs.

To find out how to participate in the coop and more information about it, visit the SEG Coop Page

Students are not the only ones who benefit from this program. Employers benefit in many ways some of which are:
-Students are an ideal source of manpower to fill temporary human resource needs during staff leaves or for short-term projects
-employing co-op students can reduce future recruiting costs as co-op employment aids in the vetting of students for future hiring of motivated and skilled employees.
-Co-op students can help create a bridge between the employer and the student's academic institution, and employers can provide valuable feedback about course curricula and content.

Please visit the coop website for details on how to hire a coop student.


Software Engineering students can also participate in internships in the form of research projects. This enables students gain practical work experience while completing the requirement for their graduation. Internships also create opportunities for securing full time jobs.

Careers after graduation

Graduates from the SEG program can work in virtually any organization especially high-tech organizations. Some have moved on to becoming full time employees and even employers in reputable organizations.
Here are some of the key companies that have hired our graduates:
Startup Technology Companies doing everything from design to development to testing, to tech support
Ottawa Hospital, CCAC (Community Care Access Ontario), CHEO and health sector in general for Software and database design and development
Big companies: IBM, E, Cisco
Government- all government departments for IT, Development, Test roles.
Many graduates also start their own companies especially around software development

More information about job opportunities can be found on the Career Development Centre Website.