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18.2 Abstract syntax

   Package structure

Issue 8453 -make all imports explicit

Figure 18.1 - Dependencies between packages described in this chapter

    The classes of the Profiles package are depicted in Figure 18.2, and subsequently specified textually.

   Issue 8596 - add subsets constraint to Extension::ownedEnd 8600 - add redefines constraint on ExtensionEnd ::type 8449 - make Image concrete; add attributes, and make it a subclass of Element 8706 - add ‘isStrict’ to ProfileApplication 9087 - modify subsets on Profile::ownedStereotype 9181 - make ‘ownedStereotype ’ derived 9183 - replace ‘appliedProfile’ by ‘profileApplication’ and make ProfileApplicaiton subset DirectedRelationship 9188 - make Extension::ownedEnd redefine namesake

Figure 18.2 - The elements defined in the Profiles package