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17.5.15 Operation




    ParameterableElement (from Templates) on page 647


    Operation (from Kernel , Interfaces ) on page 105 (merge increment)


   Operation specializes ParameterableElement to specify that an operation can be exposed as a formal template parameter, and provided as an actual parameter in a binding of a template.


   No additional attributes


   Issue 8588 -fix type to ‘OperationTemplateParameter’ 9110 - rename ‘parameter’ to ‘templateParameter’ and fix constraint

   • templateParameter : OperationTemplateParameter [0..1]The template parameter that exposes this element as a formal parameter. Redefines ParameterableElement::templateParameter.


   No additional constraints


   An Operation may be exposed by a template as a formal template parameter. Within a template classifier an operation template parameter may be used as any other operation defined in an enclosing namespace. Any references to the operation template parameter within the template will end up being a reference to the actual operation in the bound classifier. For example, a call to the operation template parameter will be a call to the actual operation.


   See OperationTemplateParameter for a description of the general notation that is defined to support these added capabilities.Within the notation for formal template parameters and template parameter bindings, an operation is shown as <operation-name> ‘(‘ [<operation-parameter> [‘,’ <operation-parameter>]*] ‘)’.