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17.5.16 OperationTemplateParameter


   An operation template parameter exposes an operation as a formal parameter for a template.



    TemplateParameter (from Templates) on page 653


   OperationTemplateParameter is a template parameter where the parametered element is an Operation.


   No additional attributes



No additional constraints


parameteredElement : Operation[1] The operation for this template parameter. Redefines

   See Operation for additional semantics related to the compatibility of actual and formal operation parameters.


   An operation template parameter extends the notation for a template parameter to include the parameters for the operation:<operation-template-parameter> ::= <parameter> [ ‘:‘ <parameter-kind> ] [‘=’ <default>]<parameter> ::= <operation-name> ‘(‘ [<op-parameter> [‘,’ <op-parameter>]* ‘)’<default> ::= <operation-name ‘(‘ [<op-parameter> [‘,’ <op-parameter>]* ‘)’

   ConnectableElement template parameters

   The Connectable element template parameters package supports the specification of ConnectableElement template parameters.

   Issue 8590 -add redefines constraints to ConnectableElement TemplateParameter::parameteredElement and ConnectableElement ::parameter 8591 - fixed by 8590 9110 - rename ‘parameter’ to ‘templateParameter’ and add constraint

   Figure 17.30 - Connectable element template parameters