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17.5.14 Operation




    TemplateableElement (from Templates) on page 649


    Operation (from Kernel , Interfaces ) on page 105 (merge increment)


   Operation specializes TemplateableElement in order to support specification of template operations and bound operations.


   No additional attributes


   No additional associations


   No additional constraints


   An Operation supports the ability to be defined as a template. An operation may be defined to be bound to template operation(s).


   The template parameters and template parameter binding of a template operation are two lists in between the name of the operation and the parameters of the operation.

   <visibility< <name> ‘<‘ <template-parameter-list> ‘>’ ‘<<‘ <binding-expression-list> ‘>>’‘( ‘ <parameter> [‘,’<parameter>]* ‘)’ [‘:’ <property-string>]


   Issue 8587 - fix capitalization of ‘operation’

   The operation template diagram supports the specification of operation template parameters.

   Issue 8589 - add redefines constraints to OperationTemplateParameter::parameteredElement and Operation::parameter 9110 - rename ‘parameter’ to ‘templateParameter’ and add redefines constraint Editorial change - combine figure 17.29 into figure 17.30

Figure 17.29 - Operation templates and parameters