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13.3.23 Reception




    BehavioralFeature (from Kernel ) on page 47


   A reception is a declaration stating that a classifier is prepared to react to the receipt of a signal. A reception designates a signal and specifies the expected behavioral response. The details of handling a signal are specified by the behavior associated with the reception or the classifier itself.


   No additional attributes


   • signal: Signal [0..1] The signal that this reception handles.


   [1] A Reception cannot be a query.

   not self.isQuery

Issue 8313 - move constraint to Class


   The receipt of a signal instance by the instance of the classifier owning a matching reception will cause the asynchronous invocation of the behavior specified as the method of the reception. A reception matches a signal if the received signal is a subtype of the signal referenced by the reception. The details of how the behavior responds to the received signal depends on the kind of behavior associated with the reception. (For example, if the reception is implemented by a state machine, the signal event will trigger a transition and subsequent effects as specified by that state machine.)

    Reception s specify triggered effects (see BehavioredClassifier on page 451).


   Reception s are shown using the same notation as for operations with the keyword «signal», as shown in Figure 13.16.

   Figure 13.16 - Showing signal receptions in classifiers

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