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13.3.24 Signal




    Classifier (from Kernel , Dependencies , PowerTypes ) on page 51


Issue 8314 - reword description

   A signal is a specification of send request instances communicated between objects. The receiving object handles the received request instances as specified by its receptions. The data carried by a send request (which was passed to it by the send invocation occurrence that caused that request) are represented as attributes of the signal. A signal is defined independently of the classifiers handling the signal occurrence.


   No additional attributes


Issue 8315 -replace ‘ownedAttribute’ item with ‘signal’ item

   • signal: Signal [1] The signal that is associated with this event.


   No additional constraints


   A signal triggers a reaction in the receiver in an asynchronous way and without a reply. The sender of a signal will not block waiting for a reply but continue execution immediately. By declaring a reception associated to a given signal, a classifier specifies that its instances will be able to receive that signal, or a subtype thereof, and will respond to it with the designated behavior.


   A signal is depicted by a classifier symbol with the keyword «signal».

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