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11.3.30 RaiseExceptionAction




    Action (from BasicActions ) on page 247


   RaiseExceptionAction is an action that causes an exception to occur. The input value becomes the exception object.


   No additional attributes


Issue 8175 - add subsets constraint

   • exception : InputPin [1..1] An input pin whose value becomes an exception object. {Subsets Action::input}


   When a raise exception action is executed, the value on the input pin is raised as an exception. The value may be copied in this process, so identity may not be preserved. Raising the exception terminates the immediately containing structured node or activity and begins a search of enclosing nested scopes for an exception handler that matches the type of the exception object. See ExceptionHandler (from ExtraStructuredActivities ) on page 377 for details of handling exceptions.


   No specific notation

   Raise exception action allows models to generate exceptions. Otherwise the only exception types would be predefined built-in exception types, which would be too restrictive.

*Changes from previous UML

   RaiseExceptionAction replaces JumpAction from UML 1.5. Their behavior is essentially the same, except that it is no longer needed for performing simple control constructs such as break and continue.