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11.3.29 QualifierValue


   QualifierValue is not an action. It is an element that identifies links. It gives a single qualifier within a link end data specification. See LinkEndData .



    Element (from Kernel ) on page 63


   A link cannot be passed as a runtime value to or from an action. Instead, a link is identified by its end objects and qualifier values, as required. This requires more than one piece of data, namely, the end in the user model, the object on the end, and the qualifier values for that end. These pieces are brought together around LinkEndData . Each association end is identified separately with an instance of the LinkEndData class.


   No additional attributes



   [1] The qualifier attribute must be a qualifier of the association end of the link-end data.

   self.LinkEndData .end->collect(qualifier)->includes(self.qualifier)

   [2] The type of the qualifier value input pin is the same as the type of the qualifier attribute.

   self.value.type = self.qualifier.type

   [3] The multiplicity of the qualifier value input pin is 1..1.,1)


   See LinkAction and its children.


   No specific notation

   QualifierValue is introduced to indicate which inputs are for which link end qualifiers.

*Changes from previous UML

   QualifierValue is unchanged from UML 1.5.