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11.3.16 CreateObjectAction


   CreateObjectAction is an action that creates an object that conforms to a statically specified classifier and puts it on an output pin at runtime.



    Action (from BasicActions ) on page 247


   This action instantiates a classifier.


   No additional attributes



   [1] The classifier cannot be abstract.

   not (self.classifier.isAbstract = #true)

   [2] The classifier cannot be an association class.

   not self.classifier.oclIsKindOf(AssociationClass)

   [3] The type of the result pin must be the same as the classifier of the action.

   self.result.type = self.classifier

   [4] The multiplicity of the output pin is 1..1.,1)


   The new object is created, and the classifier of the object is set to the given classifier. The new object is returned as the value of the action. The action has no other effect. In particular, no behaviors are executed, no initial expressions are evaluated, and no state machine transitions are triggered. The new object has no structural feature values and participates in no links.


   No specific notation

   CreateObjectAction is introduced for creating new objects.

*Changes from previous UML

   Same as UML 1.5