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11.3.15 CreateLinkObjectAction


   CreateLinkObjectAction creates a link object.



    CreateLinkAction (from IntermediateActions ) on page 260


   This action is exclusively for creating links of association classes. It returns the created link object.


   No additional attributes


   • result [1..1] : OutputPin [1..1] Gives the output pin on which the result is put. (Subsets Action::output)


   [1] The association must be an association class.


   [2] The type of the result pin must be the same as the association of the action.

   self.result.type = self.association()

   [3] The multiplicity of the output pin is 1..1.,1)


   Issue 4448 - Visibility constrains the actionsof methods of the class. Creation and destribution of links should be allowed by methods that have access to at least one end of the association.

   CreateLinkObjectAction inherits the semantics and constraints of CreateLinkAction , except that it operates on association classes to create a link object. The additional semantics over CreateLinkAction is that the new or found link object is put on the output pin. If the link already exists, then the found link object is put on the output pin. The semantics of CreateObjectAction applies to creating link objects with CreateLinkObjectAction .


   No specific notation

   CreateLinkObjectAction is introduced to create link objects in a way that returns the link object. Compare CreateLinkAction .

*Changes from previous UML

   CreateLinkObjectAction is unchanged from UML 1.5.