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path comparison table
Subject have domain2 have domain1 documentation have axiom is a kind of is an instance of
CaseRole  The Class of Predicates relating the spatially distinguished parts of a Process. CaseRoles include, for example, the agent, patient or destination of an action, the flammable substance in a burning process, or the water that falls in rain
(instance ?ROLE CaseRole)
(holds ?ROLE ?ARG1 ?ARG2)
(instance ?ARG1 ?PROC))
(capability ?PROC ?ROLE ?ARG2))
pathRegionMotion(path ?MOTION ?PATH) means that ?PATH is a route along which ?MOTION occurs. For example, Highway 101 is the path in the following proposition: the car drove up Highway 101
(destination ?PROCESS ?DEST))
(forall (?OBJ)
(part ?OBJ ?PATH)
(between ?SOURCE ?OBJ ?DEST))))

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