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Entity > Physical > Object > Agent > SentientAgent > CognitiveAgent > PersonBySocialRole > PersonByOccupationalRole

PersonByOccupationalRoledocumentation The Class of all CognitiveAgents who are considered with respect to an occupational role that they have2001-11-30 13:34:57.0
has axiom
(instance ?PERSON PersonByOccupationalRole)
(exists (?ACT)
(instance ?ACT OccupationalProcess)
(agent ?ACT ?PERSON))))
2001-11-30 13:34:57.0
is a kind of PersonBySocialRole2001-11-30 13:34:57.0
CognitiveAgentis first domain of occupiesPosition2001-11-30 13:33:51.0
is second domain of employs2001-11-30 13:33:51.0
Agentis third domain of hasPurposeForAgent2001-11-30 13:33:35.0
is third domain of representsForAgent2001-11-30 13:33:35.0
Objectis disjoint from Process2001-11-30 13:34:50.0

Kinds of PersonByOccupationalRole :