Research Interests:

      Natural Language Processing

 Machine Learning

 Data Mining 

 Medical and Clinical Informatics                   

 E – Health

 E – Learning

 Artificial Intelligence


         Ph.D. OANA M. FRUNZA






                     Research Projects


1.      My current research interests are related to text classification, knowledge representation, and information extraction from clinical, medical, and biomedical textual data. I am currently working on finishing my PhD thesis entitled Personalized medicine through automatic extraction of information from medical texts.

Some of my research objectives are:

a. Automatically identifying disease-presence in clinical data;

b. Identifying topic-relevant information in the life-science literature;

c.  Functional genomics;

d. Prediction of existing relations between medical entities.


2.      Additional research interests involve cross-language word sense disambiguation using Machine Learning techniques. My research focus involves Cognates, False Friends, and Partial Cognates word-pairs between French and English. The tasks that I tackled are the identification of cognates and false-friend pairs, and the disambiguation of partial-cognates.  Part of this research involved the development of a tool that uses part of the research that I did on this topic. The tool is called CLPA – Cross-Language Pair Annotation tool. It is a java free-for-download project designed to annotate French texts with Cognates and False Friends words. More information and a snapshot of the tool’s GUI can be found here.


3.      Multilingual text processing and information extraction systems are also part of my research interests. I am a member of the BALIE project. My main contribution consists in adding the Romanian-language capabilities to the project.



I am currently affiliated with the Text Analysis and MAchine LEarning (TAMALE) Group and a member of the Natural Language Processing (Cookie) Group the at University of Ottawa, Canada. 

The TAMALE group holds weekly interesting seminars. The schedule can be found here.



                        My supervisor is Dr. Diana Inkpen



                        Some NLP resources:


                                  Tools & Corpora                             






University of Ottawa Courses


ITI1121   Introduction to Computing II Winter 2012         

CSI3130 Database II    Fall 2011


          Programme des mini-cours d’enrichissement “Le jeu et l’intelligence artificielle”, mai, 2008-2012  



                   Teaching Assistant


                             Base de données (CSI2532), Winter 2011

                                    Professional Practice in Computer Science (CSI2911), Winter 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

                                    Introduction to Computing I (ITI1120), Fall 2007/2008/2009

                                    Conception et analyse des algorithmes (CSI2501), Winter 2007

                                    Structures Discrètes (CSI3505), Fall 2006

                                    Formal Languages (CSI3104), Winter 2005, 2011




                             My former University from Romania “Babes-Bolyai Univ. Cluj-Napoca



                       Here you can find some interesting information about Romania, my home country.



                        A place where you might find a cool and interesting talk: TED - Ideas worth spreading.





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