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Natural Language Processing
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Left in the past several years
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Muath Alzghool (email)
Saima Aman
Fernanda Caropreso (email)
Oana Frunza (email)
Matthieu Hermet
Aminul Islam (email)
Richard Keelan (email)
Alistair Kennedy (email)
Fazel Keshtkar (email)
Darren Kipp
Vivi Nastase
Marina Sokolova
Automatic Text Summarization
Information Retrieval
Intelligent Agents for the Semantic Web
Lexical Resources
Lexical Semantics
Natural Language Generation
Segmenting Discourse
Sentiment and Emotion Analysis
Speech Recognition and Synthesis
Summarizing Short Stories
Text Mining
Textual Entailment


The Open Roget's [Open Roget's] project

The Polish WordNet [plWordNet] project

We participate in [DUC] TAC challenges

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Updated on April 18, 2013