RFID Systems: Research Trends and Challenges

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Sharing documents and slides: If you have a survey, report or thesis that you own copyright (it is not published or it is published but you own the copyright) and/or slides please consider posting them on this web page. Our goal is to make an open-access database of quality survey papers, theses and slides related to applications, trends and different aspects of RFID systems. Please send us your draft to mbolic@site.uottawa.ca for initial comments, short review and preapproval. We will not publish documents that include companies advertisements or are strongly biased towards a particular industry solution.

  • Survey on UHF RFID portals
    Alexey Borisenko, Tzu Hao Li, University of Ottawa, June 2010.

  • RFID and wireless sensor networks
  • RFID for forensic applications



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