CSI 5165 - Combinatorial Algorithms - Winter 2009


Professor : 

Lucia Moura

Course Material: 

Course Description and Outline (the course in a nutshell). 

Student feedback questionary to be filled at first class Thursday January 8 (8:30-11:30).

Lectures notes: to be posted here, as we go (please refer to 2005 class notes, if you wish):
1. Introduction.(lecture 1)
2. Generating elementary combinatorial objects; Examples. (lectures 2,3, part 4)
3. Backtracking and Branch-and-Bound - (old slides) (lectures 4,5,6)
4. Heuristic Search (lectures 7,8)
5. Computing Isomorphism (lectures 9,10,part of 11)
6. Isomorph-free Exhaustive Generation (lectures 11, 12)
Project: talks by students
Assignments: a1, a2, a3

Any questions about the course contents or the use of these techniques in specific problems/areas? Please, contact the instructor: lucia@site.uottawa.ca.