Natural Language Processing Lab

University of Ottawa



Lab Director:  Dr. Diana Inkpen, Professor




Dr. Stan Szpakowicz, Professor emeritus

Dr. Chris Tanasescu (Margento), Adjunct Professor

Arya Rahgozar, PhD student

Prasadith Buddhitha, PhD student

Haifa Alharthi, PhD student

Parinaz Sobhani, PhD student

Fadi Abu-Sheikha, PhD student

Ehsan Amjadian, PhD student

Haifa Alharti, PhD student

Qianjia Shy Huang, PhD student 

Intisar Almuslim, PhD student 

Ruba Skaik, PhD student

Vaibhav Kesarwani, MSc student

Hanqing Zhou, MSc student

Zunaira Jamil, MSc student

Mert Metin, MSc student



Research associates:


Dr. Andre Vellino, School of Information Studies, University of Ottawa

Dr. Romualdo Alves Pereira Junior, University of Brasilia, PDF



Current research projects:

• Emotion analysis in texts and generation of texts with emotions.

• Social media text: semantic analysis, topic detection, key phrase extraction.

• Automatic text classification.

• Computational poetry.


Funding sources: NSERC, SSHRC, OCE


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