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SITE in the News!

  • SITE has received a donation from Adobe consisting of 2 Flash Media Server 2 Professional Edition (Full licenses) and 60 copies of Adobe Flex Builder 2 (Full licenses) in support of the Undergraduate Teaching Program at SITE and particularly the courses SEG3120/SEG3520 taught by Prof. Abdulmotaleb El Saddik in Winter 2007. The Faculty of Engineering acknowledges Adobe's generosity and support of our students in Engineering and Computer Science.
  • Professor Jianping Yao, is the recipient of the Faculty's 2007 George S. Glinski Award for Excellence in Research.
  • In the 2006/07 national competition of the highly selective NSERC Strategic Grant program, the University of Ottawa has been awarded 7 grants, of which 5 went to the Faculty of Engineering. SITE is pleased to announce that 4 of those 5 grants have gone to SITE professors, and congratulates the following faculty members for this excellent achievement:
    • Professors Ahmed Karmouch and Ali Miri for their project "Seamless mobility management of users and services over heterogeneous networks", funded at $127,000, $132,000, $116,000 for three years.
    • Professors Hussein Mouftah and Pin-Han Ho (from University of Waterloo), for their project "Availability-Aware Survivable Routing Architecture for GMPLS Networks", funded at $152,000, $147,000, $121,400 for three years.
    • Professors Shervin Shirmohammadi, Abed El Saddik, and Nicolas Georganas for their project "HARVEST: A Framework for Haptic, Interactive Virtual Environments for Tele-presence", funded at $155,500, $155,500, $155,500 for 3 years.
    • Professors Ivan Stojmenovic and Amiya Nayak for their project "Energy Conserving Coordination and Data Communication in Wireless Sensor Actuator Networks", funded at $124,000, $118,000, $118,000 for three years.
    In addition, Professor Iluju Kiringa has also won an NSERC Strategic award as a co-investigator in the University of Toronto project "Data Sharing in Peer Networks" by Renée Miller, John Mylopoulos, and Iluju Kiringa, funded at $136,000 per year for 3 years.
  • MCRLab/DISCOVER researchers Mauricio Orozco, Behzad Malek, and Abdulmotaleb El Saddik receive the Best paper Award at the 6th international conference Virtual Concept, for their original work "Graphical Password with Haptics".
  • Computer Science Ph.D. student Naim El-Far of the Discover lab has won the Russ Jackson Award, one of "Canadian Interuniversity Sport's highest football honours.
  • A public lecture in honour of the recipients of the G.S. Glinski and John V. Marsh awards took place on Wednesday, November 22, 2006. Canada Research Chair Professor Azzedine Boukerche was the recipient of the George S. Glinski Award for Excellence in Research and Professor Claude D'Amours was the recipient of the John V. Marsh Award for Excellence in Teaching.
  • MCRLab student ASM Mahfuzur Rahman and DISCOVER student Razib Iqbal, supervised by Professors El Saddik and Shirmohammadi respectively, share 3rd prize at the 2006 annual Intelligent Interactive Learning Object Repositories Conference (I2LOR-2006) for their demos "Distributed Learning Objects Visualization in Virtual Environment" and "Adaptation of Video Learning Objects Using MPEG-21 DIA".
  • MCRLab student Huiyan Qi, supervised by Professor Zhao, receives 2nd prize at the 2006 annual Intelligent Interactive Learning Object Repositories Conference (I2LOR-2006) for her poster "Human Visual System Based Adaptive Digital Image Watermarking".
  • Canada Research Chair Professor Azzedine Boukerche, Professor Mourad El-Hadef and Master Student Hisham El-Kadiki of the PARADISE Research Laboratory won the BEST PAPER award for the paper: "Diagnosing Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: Two Distributed Comparison-Based Self-Diagnosis Protocols", at the 4th ACM International Workshop on Mobility Management and Wireless Access, Spain, October 2006.
  • Hapticast, a 3D first-person shooter with wizards and haptically enabled wands by SITE Master students Sheldon Andrews (supervised by Dr. Jochen Lang) and Javier Mora (supervised by Dr. WonSook Lee) from DISCOVER Lab, took the runner up prize for Future Game Technology and Design.
  • Professors Hussein Mouftah and Azzedine Boukerche were honored at the University's annual reception in celebration of excellence in education and research. Dr. Mouftah was one of two UofO faculty members to receive the award of Distinguished University Professor. Dr. Boukerche was one of the four recipients of the Ontario Early Researcher Award at the University.
  • Professors Shervin Shirmohammadi and Jochen Lang have received a $121,664 grant funded by the Canadian Foundation of Innovation and the Ontario Research Foundation for their research in Collaborative Virtual Presence Modelling, Communications, and Applications.
  • SITE introduces a new graduate certificate in Modelling and Animation for Computer Games Technology.
  • Professor Herna Viktor, adjunct professor Eric Paquet and Ph.D. student HongYu Guo will receive the PKDD Innovative Application Award at the European Conference on Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases(ECML/PKDD2006) for their paper "Measuring to Fit: Virtual Tailoring through Cluster Analysis and Classification".
  • Professors Miodrag Bolic and Wail Gueaieb receive CFI funding for the development of Smart Autonomous Mobile Robots for Rescue Missions (SAMRRM).
  • Professor Nicolas D. Georganas has won the prestigious Canadian Award in Telecommunications Research for 2006.
  • Danny Collier, a student in second year of Software Engineering, was crowned Canadian Airplane King at the National Red Bull Paper Wings championship in Toronto.
  • Ginette Trottier, Undergraduate Academic Assistant, CEG/CSI, is the winner of the Support Staff Prize of Excellence of the University of Ottawa.
  • Professor Claude D'Amours has been awarded the Faculty of Engineering's 2006 John V. Marsh Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • Professor Hussein T Mouftah, Canada Research Chair I in Optical Networks, has received the 2006 Distinguished University Professor title
  • The University of Ottawa is pleased to announce unprecedented improvements to its Graduate Awards and Financial Support Program, effective May 2006. For details, please refer to http://www.grad.uottawa.ca/awards/admission/
  • Professor Hussein T Mouftah has received the IEEE 2006 McNaughton Gold Medal, the highest distinction of IEEE Canada
  • The undergraduate programs offered by SITE have been improved! Please see this summary of the modifications
  • Professor Azzedine Boukerche has received the 2005-2006 George S. Glinski Award for Excellence in Research of the Faculty of Engineering
  • Professor Hussein T Mouftah has received the very prestigious Julian C Smith Medal of the Engineering Institute of Canada awarded for "Achievement in the Development of Canada" (PDF announcement available)
  • Canada Research Chair professor Azzedine Boukerche is one of the only four uOttawa recipients of the Ontario "Early Researcher Awards". This very prestigious award, previously known as Premier's Research Excellence Awards (PREA), was announced in the Ottawa Citizen on November 27 2005.
  • SITE introduces the Distinguished Lectures on Information Technology and Engineering (DLite). Details at http://www.site.uottawa.ca/DLite.
  • Andrew Roczniak, Ph.D. Candidate under the supervision of Dr. A. El Saddik at the MCRLab, received the "IBM Student Conference Grant" at the ACM Multimedia 2005 Conference for his work on Incentive of P2P collaborative environments.
  • Professors Nicolas D. Georganas, Gregor v. Bochmann and Tuncer Ören are recognized as Pioneers of Computing in Canada by the IBM Center for Advanced Studies.
  • Lijun Chen of the DISCOVER Lab won the BEST PAPER award for the paper: L. Chen and N.D. Georganas, "3D Mesh Compression Using an Efficient Neighborhood-based Segmentation", at the 9th IEEE International Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real-time Applications (DS-RT 2005, Montreal, Oct. 2005
  • Dr. Tyseer Aboulnasr has received the Order of Ontario for 2004. The Order of Ontario is the province's highest and most prestigious honour. (conferred to a person that showed excellence and of exceptional realization in Ontario).
  • Professor Paola Flocchini was awarded by the University of Ottawa a very prestigious University Research Chair (URC).
  • SITE PhD student YanPing Chen of the ASERT lab has been chosen as an IBM Ph.D. Fellowship recipient for academic year 2005-2006.
  • SITE Ph.D. student Svetlana Kiritchenko of the TAMALE Lab has been chosen as a 2005 CITO Research Excellence Scholarship ($5,000 award) winner.
  • SITE Ph.D. student Saeid Nourian of the DISCOVER Lab has been chosen as a 2005 CITO Research Excellence Scholarship ($5,000 award) winner.
  • Professor Nicolas D. Georganas is appointed as Associate Vice-President Research (External).
  • Alumni Joseph A. Nour, BASc 1990 (ELG) and Simon Nehme, BASc 1990 (CEG) are the recipients of the Faculty of Engineering's 2005 Alumni Award of Excellence for their success in building their company Protus IP Solutions.
  • Alan Stewart receives the University of Ottawa Support Staff Award of Excellence in the Technicians and Technologists category.
  • Professor Sylvia Boyd is the recipient of the University of Ottawa's 2004-2005 award for Excellence in Teaching.
  • Professor Ivan Stojmenovic has been awarded the Faculty of Engineering's 2004-2005 George S. Glinski Award for Excellence in Research.
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