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Travelling to Ottawa:
Host City for CSEE&T 2005

Ottawa is the Capital of Canada and hosts many high-technology companies.


In mid April the tulips should be beginning to appear, and daily high temperatures are likely to be in the range 15-20 degrees Celsius (59-68 Fahrenheit). A few years ago it went over 30C (86F) in Mid April, although not infrequently the daily high can be as low as 10C (50F), and occasionally quite a bit lower! So be prepared for anything weather: bring something warm to wear over the top of your lighter clothing.

Air Travel

Ottawa has recently completely replaced its airport and service is superb. About five Canadian airlines and seven major US airlines serve the city.

You can fly directly to Ottawa from London, England and from many US centres (New York, Newark, Boston, Detroit, Atlanta, Washington, Philadephia, Pittsburgh and Chicago). Within Canada there are numerous direct flights, including Montreal and Toronto (about once an hour), as well as Halifax, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver.

Click here to see arrivals at Ottawa Airport.

Click here to see departures from Ottawa Airport.

When flying to or from the US, we strongly recommend directly flying into and out of Ottawa, rather than connecting elsewhere in Canada. This is because Ottawa has US Customs pre-clearance, saving you lots of time. Connecting in Toronto or Montreal, for example, would require you on your incoming flight to claim your baggage in that city and go through customs before flying on to Ottawa where you would claim your baggage again. Similarly, if you transfer in Ottawa or Toronto on the return to the US, you have to claim your baggage there (to go through US Customs there) and again at your US destination.

Rail Travel

There is good rail service from Montreal (2 hours) and Toronto (4 hours).

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