CSI 5174  -  Validation Methods for Distributed Systems

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Ottawa, Fall 2015

Official course description: Review of formal specification and description techniques for distributed and open systems. Verification techniques. Correctness proofs. Verification of general properties of distributed systems. Analysis and relief stragegies. Testing techniques. Test generation strategies. Test architectures.

Professor: Gregor v. Bochmann , phone: 562-5800 ext.: 6205, e-mail: bochmann@eecs.uottawa.ca , office: SITE building (room 5082), office hours:   by appointment, please send me an e-mail stating when you would like to meet

Lectures: Wednesdays  at 17:30-20:30 in room LMX 390. - - Preliminary schedule

Course description

Course notes and reading material

Assignments: Assign-1 ; Assign-1B ; Assign-2 ; Assign-3 ; Assign-4 ; more to be determine - examples from previous years (ELG 7187C)

Student projects: Description - see Presentations this year - Projects from previous years (ELG 7187C)

Exams from previous years (ELG 7187C): Mid-term exam with solutions from 2009 - Final exam from 2007.


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